Tweeting domination

7 Mar

I know all u pervs want ME to dominate u more and more, just take total control right? I mean, I’m avail on niteflirt like a lot, andI send out ptv mails pretty frequently, and I make lots of mp3’s that u can lik download and put on your little ipod and loop until your brain goes into oblivion. but it’s not enough, is it? don’t think too hard, pervs, I know it’s not. I know u crave ME, your hypnotic Naughty Nanny, more and more, you want me to just like enter your head and assume the controls. well I hear ya, pervs, and I take pity on u. with this blog for one, where u can read my commands and desires. study them. learn more and more about what I want, need, desire, and command.

well another way I’m going to reach out to u from now on is thru twitter! that’s right,  you should log into twitter straight away and follow @HypnoNanny . that way you can know when I have a new blogpost, or a new desire/need/command! u’ll love it, pervs! so get on it quick, follow, and start listening to my tweet commands! got it???

Kisses – Naughty Nanny

One Response to “Tweeting domination”

  1. Cal May 20, 2019 at 10:05 pm #

    Mistress: Interesting idea of Twitter domination–I have a spin-off of that–Skype domination, the idea being of you setting up a panty-wearing schedule then I pre-pay you on NF..then you give random ‘pant checks’ by hitting me on Skype—you say nothing just type ‘pull pants down, show me the panties’ then hang up…like a 15 second verification that i am tucked in at the time you say—that could also expand to….chastity checks! What do you think–do you need this? Is this servitude enough?+

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