4 Mar

so, i gotta get back to posting, right? obviously! well you losers/sissies/wannabes are in luck, cause it’s Monday and i woke up and decided to actually put my thoughts down for you.

so I, Naughty Nanny, need some new bras and panties! and good ones, from Victoria’s Secret. this should not be something i need for long, since i expect some donations!!! from you guys! if you expect me to like keep sending out sexy pics in ptv emails, you need to keep me in some decnt clothes. and lingerie is the most important. so check out this link, don’t worry, you’ll get a thrill from it, whether you’re a loser who gets off on the underwear ads in the penny’s circular in the newspaper, or a sissy who wanders past the Victoria’s Secret in the mall, slowly, like 10 times in a row, you’ll enjoy checking out the pics of the models of VS sporting their intimates!

Victoria’s Secret Bra Sale!

here’s a sample for you degenerates, just cause i’m nice 🙂


omg tho, now take a break from your feverish daydreams and click on my niteflirt tribute button – send me a note of what you think i would look good in (okay, i know, i would look good in everything, but if there’s something in particular you wanna like buy for me from there, lemme know, who knows, i may oblige you). and i know you sissies like to live vicariously thru me, the hot young chick who can rock a bra and panties and get all the boys hot and heavy, so if there’s something you WISH you could rock, let me know when you send the trib… i’ll tell you all about how perfect it would look on you if only you were ME!!! HA!!! alright, dudes, bois, losers, fags, sissies, etc. make my monday a little less manic, okay! do it! Naughty Nanny says go to my niteflirt page and tribute me a little something so i can buy some new bras and panties! you know you want to…

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