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Tweeting domination

7 Mar

I know all u pervs want ME to dominate u more and more, just take total control right? I mean, I’m avail on niteflirt like a lot, andI send out ptv mails pretty frequently, and I make lots of mp3’s that u can lik download and put on your little ipod and loop until your brain goes into oblivion. but it’s not enough, is it? don’t think too hard, pervs, I know it’s not. I know u crave ME, your hypnotic Naughty Nanny, more and more, you want me to just like enter your head and assume the controls. well I hear ya, pervs, and I take pity on u. with this blog for one, where u can read my commands and desires. study them. learn more and more about what I want, need, desire, and command.

well another way I’m going to reach out to u from now on is thru twitter! that’s right,  you should log into twitter straight away and follow @HypnoNanny . that way you can know when I have a new blogpost, or a new desire/need/command! u’ll love it, pervs! so get on it quick, follow, and start listening to my tweet commands! got it???

Kisses – Naughty Nanny

Hypnodominatrix Nanny

5 Mar

I know that for quite a few of you pervs, hypnosis is a big turn on. I like it too! It’s a great way for me to get into your head and really take control, which is MY favorite thing about it. Now it may or may not be your favorite thing… I mean I know like some of you sissies like it cause it really increases the authenticity of pretending to be a girl, like you can really feel what it’s like to be a hot young pricktease like me! And some of you like it cause I can get you to do things a little outside your comfort zone (hehe, no you don’t REALLY wanna eat your own cum LOL, oh wait, you do now :).

But the really best part of hypnosis is when I implant New cravings, New desires, New needs. Cravings, desires, and needs that last beyond the duration of the call. Whether that be a craving to wear panties all the time, a desire to suck cock, or a need to hear my voice and obey. And I love it that you start having this new need or craving, and you know it’s only there cause I put it there, but you’re helpless to do anything about it. You can’t wish it away- not that you’d want to.

In fact, you’ll love that demonstration of my power over you. You’ll want it to happen again and again. You’ll crave for me to implant more cravings- and those cravings will be triggered by things you normally think about our see during the course of your day. The hypno experience with me is one big self-fulfilling spiral- from which you have no wish or hope to escape. So if you haven’t experienced a hypno session with me, you really need to. Like soon. Like today!

You can, I mean you SHOULD buy some of my hypno mp3’s. That way you can listen to me first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. You can even put my mp3s on loop while you’re sleeping! C’mon, you know you want too! Just sit back- relax- and let Naughty Nanny take control. I will be the hypmodomme you’ve always needed!


4 Mar

so, i gotta get back to posting, right? obviously! well you losers/sissies/wannabes are in luck, cause it’s Monday and i woke up and decided to actually put my thoughts down for you.

so I, Naughty Nanny, need some new bras and panties! and good ones, from Victoria’s Secret. this should not be something i need for long, since i expect some donations!!! from you guys! if you expect me to like keep sending out sexy pics in ptv emails, you need to keep me in some decnt clothes. and lingerie is the most important. so check out this link, don’t worry, you’ll get a thrill from it, whether you’re a loser who gets off on the underwear ads in the penny’s circular in the newspaper, or a sissy who wanders past the Victoria’s Secret in the mall, slowly, like 10 times in a row, you’ll enjoy checking out the pics of the models of VS sporting their intimates!

Victoria’s Secret Bra Sale!

here’s a sample for you degenerates, just cause i’m nice 🙂


omg tho, now take a break from your feverish daydreams and click on my niteflirt tribute button – send me a note of what you think i would look good in (okay, i know, i would look good in everything, but if there’s something in particular you wanna like buy for me from there, lemme know, who knows, i may oblige you). and i know you sissies like to live vicariously thru me, the hot young chick who can rock a bra and panties and get all the boys hot and heavy, so if there’s something you WISH you could rock, let me know when you send the trib… i’ll tell you all about how perfect it would look on you if only you were ME!!! HA!!! alright, dudes, bois, losers, fags, sissies, etc. make my monday a little less manic, okay! do it! Naughty Nanny says go to my niteflirt page and tribute me a little something so i can buy some new bras and panties! you know you want to…


3 Mar

One night I was sitting at home feeling very horny. I was thinking about how to fix this a remembered my cam sessions with my Misstress wheshe feminized me by dressing me up and making me suck my toy and play with my ass. As I thought more about this the more it turned me on. I also remembered that she wanted me to take a real dick for her, a big black dick at that. I decided that this was the night I was going to take a dick for my Misstress. I wasn’t ready to try a real man yet so I decided I would find a TS. As I wasn’t sure where to find a TS on my own I went to the Internet and found TS escorts in my area. Flipping through the ads I found a beautiful light skinned black TS that said she had a 9″ cock. I called her and scheduled a visit for later that night. I was so excited to be taking my first cock that I put on my sexiest pink lace thong, matching pink lace bra, mini-skirt, thigh highs and stiletto heels then did my make-up. I was looking so sexy for my first cock that I almost cummed my panties just looking in the mirror!! When the time came I got to her hotel room and knocked. When she opened the door I realized nothing in the ad was true. She was very dark, not light skinned, had small tits instead of large and had a 10″ cock not 9″. I was upset by this but I wasn’t going to get all dressed up and not get fucked!! So I went inside and kissed her as I slide her nighty to the floor. I then slide to my knees and started sucking her huge cock to get it hard. Once she was hard she had me stand and admired my outfit as I did a sexy strip for her. She then put me face down on the bed and spread my cheeks. I thought she would use lube but instead she just spit on my asshole and started playing with it. Once I was warmed up she spit on my asshole again and started pushing her huge tool inside of me. As soon as her head was inside me my tiny cock exploded all over the sheets, it was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had! She didn’t mind my cumming and kept pushing her cock inside. She was gentle until the first time she made it balls deep and then she started wrecking my virgin asshole. It was amazing!! She pounded my tight ass for 20 minutes before she pulled out and started face fucking me. She shoved her entire cock down my throat making me gag and my mascara run because my eyes watered so bad. Finally she shoved her cock down my throat and released the biggest load I’ve ever felt. I had no choice in swallowing since her cock was already in my stomach. Once she finished cumming she handed me my skirt shoes and blouse told me it would be $150 for the half hour and to get dressed. I had already laid the money on the dresser so I started dressing while she went to clean up in the bathroom. I asked where my panties where and she said I couldn’t wear them home and that she had put them in my purse. So I finished dressing and left for home feeling completely filled. It was only after I got home I realized she had put my panties in my purse but also stole another $1,000 I had in there. So at the end of the story I was used as a cum dumpster for a black TS whole stole $1,000 from me.