Loser Alert!!

14 Sep

I think it’s funny when a guy first meets me and he can’t think of anything to say to me. I can tell when he gets nervous being around me, but yet he can’t stop staring. Little wimps like that are easy to manipulate and use. They’re happy just to have me smiling at them while they’re stuttering for something to say. They just blush if I make a comment about their bald spot, look at their middle-age belly, or laugh when his Tootsie Roll of a penis tries to get hard in his pants.

The funniest is when I can bust my girlfriends old man staring, and they know that I know what’s going through their heads. They’ll be jerking off in the bathroom when we head out. My flirting with them gives them an excuse to break out the Viagara on the weekend. LOL! I like knowing that I can control a guys cock and make him a weak little bitch willing to do anything for me, especially humiliating things for him.

Humiliating you, keeping you weak and helpless, and getting what I want are all things that I like. I like knowing that after I use you and have you kiss my feet or worship my butt, you’d be going home to kiss your wife or girlfriend with those same lips. And for you losers who can’t find a wife or girlfriend, you can go home and think about ways that you can sacrifice to serve me again.

I can be a greedy Princess who can drain your account, but you’ll love me using you that way. You’ll get off on it. The next day at work your cock will get hard thinking about it, and you’ll be back calling me again begging to be used and humiliated. I’ve been getting what I want for a long time, and I expect to get what I want from you too. Let’s see how well you can keep me entertained, and you may just get to make a mess that I’ll have you lick up before I’m through with you.

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