I love older men <3

31 Aug

Well hey ya! I been really busy the last few weeks. I recently had a one night stand with a 45 year old man. He took me to his apartment near the bar and fucked me in every position that you can imagine. He was very verbal and that is what I love a man that likes to take control and tell me what he wants. His name was Phil, he ordered me to take of my panties:) He put his hands near my bald pussy and felt the wetness and said “I know you want this big Dick.” Then told me I had to earn his cock. I got on my hand and knees and began to suck his 10 inch dick…WOW it was so hard. He was telling me the entire time what a little whore I was. He then made me lay on my back while he began licking my cunt. I started begging for his dick. He had me get on top and slide my wet pussy one his dick…I rode his cock, while he was smacking my ass. Phil started commenting on my tight little ass and how he had never fucked such a young lady…I got on all fours and begged him to fuck my ass. Well Phil did just that…he rammed my ass harder and longer than anyone. I could tell he was about to cum and he pulled his dick out and pulled my hair forcing my face towards his dick and he shot the biggest load of cum on my face…then made me clean his dick off. WOW..That is why I love older men.

One Response to “I love older men <3”

  1. Fred Perkins January 1, 2013 at 12:05 pm #

    that’s hot

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