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Get those rankings up now boys!

19 Mar

I have one of my favorite boys checking on my niteflirt rankings every day like the good little puppy he is and since you’re reading this blog you already know I’m quite simply the best. So boys…get to it. Call, buy or tribute me and leave perfect feedback. I want to be where I belong….on top. Take that any way you want slaves 😉


19 Mar


Princess Pay Day:


Gas My Ride:

My Daily Allowance:

Assworship done right

17 Mar

Every day you boys drool and stare at my pretty young ass and all you want to do is kiss it you say. But do you really know how I want it kissed slaves? Do you understand how much I want to feel your face buried between my silky ass cheeks and feel your tongue probing inside me? If you’re going to do anything do it right slaves. So if you want to kiss my ass then fucking do it right. Don’t be a little bitch and kiss it tenderly or lick at it. Get your whole face in there and drink in the pleasure of tasting my precious honey hole. That’s a good boy. Deeper with your tongue. Mmmm that’s it. There might just be hope for you yet 😉


16 Mar

Damn straight it wasn’t. It’s true, though. I mean, really, why on earth do you deserve to be given money? Because you’re a moderately attractive woman? Give me a break. Get back to me when you’ve actually done something with your life.

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From: Naughty Nanny
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that wasn’t very nice.

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Jesus Christ, stop with the messages! Don’t you have a fucking life?

Irish Eyes Be Smilin <3

16 Mar

Do you know how lucky you are to serve me?!?

13 Mar

Do you realize slaves how fortunate you are to be in My presence? To serve the perfect Princess like you do? I am total perfection. I’m young, beautiful, sexy and have a perverted kinky mind that drives you wild. I do things to you with My voice that no other woman can do in person. So kneel down slaveboys and prepare to worship at My altar. Look up at Me with those hungry puppy dog eyes that say “I’ll do anything for you Princess” and amuse Me with your offers to please Me. Spoil Me…pamper Me…treat Me like the ultimate woman that I am. And in return slaves? Well you maintain the privilege of being in My presence. Because the worst punishment of all would be to be ignored by someone you need and desire so very much wouldn’t it? That’s a good boy. Lean forward gently and softly kiss My perfect ass and declare yourself owned by your Princess.

A salute to another slave:

9 Mar

I am very lucky to have such good slaves..i_must_obey_her, helps me with so much of my hypno stuff!! He is always willing to serve me. Spoils me with presents/tributes and LOVES to go deep for me!!