Sweet young girl..and the “older” man..

27 Feb

One of my biggest turn-ons is seducing older men and using their weakness for my young pussy to whip them and humiliate them and degrade them.

Case in point, I have one old fart who I humiliate in front of my girlfriends. The presence of other girls as my audience magnifies my pleasure and makes me soak my panties. (E-mail me if you ever want to buy a pair of my soiled panties. But, you must beg for them. If you want splotches of semen from my boyfriend’s cock captured in my panties, you must pay extra to sniff and lick his God-cum. You know you want to, you filthy, fucking, panty-pig.)

I make my old dogs sniff my girlfriends’ butts, and they love sticking their nose and tongue up those awful, offal-infested holes. How does a man stand the smell? Simple, he wants to impress me by proving what a good, obedient dog he can be. Trust me, if you can make any man get down and sniff your asshole, you can make that man do anything else you want. You will have robbed him of his pride and dignity and manhood. That’s right where I want him. That’s when he and I both know that I own him. Hooray for me! My honeycunt rules!

One Response to “Sweet young girl..and the “older” man..”

  1. Richard Despirito February 27, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Oh, Miss Honey-Cunt, you sure do know how to put this old man in mega-heat, in bitch-dog-heat. Please take me, train me, I’m all yours, now.

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