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Sweet young girl..and the “older” man..

27 Feb

One of my biggest turn-ons is seducing older men and using their weakness for my young pussy to whip them and humiliate them and degrade them.

Case in point, I have one old fart who I humiliate in front of my girlfriends. The presence of other girls as my audience magnifies my pleasure and makes me soak my panties. (E-mail me if you ever want to buy a pair of my soiled panties. But, you must beg for them. If you want splotches of semen from my boyfriend’s cock captured in my panties, you must pay extra to sniff and lick his God-cum. You know you want to, you filthy, fucking, panty-pig.)

I make my old dogs sniff my girlfriends’ butts, and they love sticking their nose and tongue up those awful, offal-infested holes. How does a man stand the smell? Simple, he wants to impress me by proving what a good, obedient dog he can be. Trust me, if you can make any man get down and sniff your asshole, you can make that man do anything else you want. You will have robbed him of his pride and dignity and manhood. That’s right where I want him. That’s when he and I both know that I own him. Hooray for me! My honeycunt rules!

OMG another one!!

26 Feb

One more admirer…MEN…hah aha I said if thats right…WOULD real men act this way?? Get all stupid around a pretty girl?? I think not!! Setting up a new page..make sure you check it out..lots of buttons for you to click on!!

Clean My Shoes

25 Feb

You wouldn’t believe this one pathetic loser wants to marry my dirty sneakers. He rather hump my sneakers than a real woman. My shoes and I are going to take this lame freak out shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

I have another guy begging to suck on my 6-inch stiletto heels. Guess what I’m going to make him suck off next?

Wow..after one week..and it rocks!

21 Feb

Hello boys,

Just wanted to post a quick note and say how much fun I’m having with my weekly hypno. All of my good little hypno slaves get a quickie hypnosis recording from me every day from Monday through Friday. Triggers, post-hypnotic programming, brainwashing and anything else I feel like putting into your head. Naughty Nanny says be sure to join me for lots more hypnotic fun and head games.

Weekly hypno

19 Feb

Click below for some Hypno Fun!!
This is for the week starting 2/21

Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees Look At THESE!

1 Feb

Now that I have your attention… who wants to lick these cute, little sweet nipples of mine? Heh. Lickity, lick lick. And then work your way down my tight, young body… lower… lower… oh, mmm, yes… right to that little sweet pink oh so tight lovely pink pussy. Part those puffy lil lips with the tip of your tongue and –

Anyway, hi! Happy Tuesday again! I’m hanging out this afternoon having great age play phone sex with all kinds of kinky twists! You guys are VERY creative! I’ll write about some calls, soon, I promise! Keep the hot anything goes phonesex action coming though! Or, well, cumming I mean.