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Cock Teaser Phone Sex

29 Jan

It turns you on to look at me, doesn’t it? You like my nude body on display for you. My small tits little hard bumps for nipples, makes your cock hard. And you catch your breath when spread my teen legs wide, exposing my young pussy. You can’t even resist my perfect ass when I pull my panties down.
I enjoy listening to you plead to touch my nice body ‘just for a minute’. You even resorted to offering this little lolita more allowance in exchange for the chance to squeeze my teen tits ‘just once’. Saying you’ll buy me an expensive present if I let you lick my little juicy cunt. Begging to give me anything if I let you rub your hard cock between my hot teen ass checks.
Tease and denial phone sex is such a fun game to play. I tease you, like the little cock tease that I am; and then decide whether to give in or deny you. How do you feel about a young girl having so much power over you? I might even give you what you want. Who know?


27 Jan

Some of you guys know that I’ve been getting more into Hypnosis. I’ve been reading about how powerful the subconscious mind can be, studying up on techniques, and most importantly – practicing .

Something about being able to get deep into a guy’s head and being able to twist his little mind like taffy – kind of makes me wet. I have to say, the power I can have over some guys is a total rush! I get a little tingly just thinking about it.

There’s this one guy who started calling me curious about hypnosis and finding a way to explore a different side of himself. Some kind of high-powered executive type. People are always doing what he says, trying to please him because… well, he’s the boss.

But guess what? Not when it comes to me he’s not. I’M THE BOSS. And you know what? I LOVE IT.

I’ve been working on him for a little while now, so with just a few words, I can put him under. And I mean deep under. I’ve been able to find out all of his little kinks, all the little buttons to push that drive him wild with lust and make him feel totally weak and helpless…

Bet you wish I could do that to you… don’t cha?

Well today is championship day…

23 Jan

I am a die hard Steelers fan! I can’t wait til kick off!! Lets go Steelers!!!
I love my black and gold!!

ha ha ha so today..

13 Jan

MY one friend on here..totally just humiliated one of her sissy’s…it was too FUNNY not to share!! Where the hell did he get that outfit?!?!?!

Click on his pics to enlarge it!! I’m cracking up…TOO FUNNY!!! I wonder where he has his fairy wand at?? Maybe in his purse??

Hypno caller turned the tables on me :)

13 Jan

So today..I was hypnotized yet again..I can’t believe how good I feel when I am awakened!! Good job Richard…