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22 Dec

SO…Like the other night I was talking to this guy…Joey 23 from NORTH DAKOTA….i made him fuck the jar of peanut butter..he was such a mess he had to take a shower. SO funny..he ended up coming after I made him fuck his BED…CAN you believe he paid for that humiliation!!! HA HA HA HA..

What a weird call..

19 Dec

So today I had a call from a guy who was “new” to the whole phone sex scene..wanted to do a role play of me catching him jerking off.and that he wanted me to circumcise him….he said he didn’t care who I was..blah blah I said ok, lets pretend your dog sitting for me I come home early and catch you in my bedroom jerking off…he said ok..SO I say..OMG what are you doing in my bed…and he says..well I need to relieve myself…I was like well just for future calls, when your pretending to do something naughty like jerking off in someone’s should probably act alittle suprised and apologize for your actions..THE call didn’t last much longer…ARE YOU FUCKING kidding me?? Seriously??

A fun new game to play with ONLY me :)

16 Dec

Think you can out smart me?? HA HA HA I think not!

Happy Holidays..

9 Dec

The Holidays are quickly approaching..spoil your favorite little girl! If you want to send me a Christmas Card, Let me know I will give you the address where to send it!! Check out my wish list, or just click to tribute me some of that cold hard cash!! (we both know I deserve it) Remember..whatever you spend on your fat wife or lame ass fuck girlfriend..I get the same and then some!! SO 🙂 SPOIL YOUR PRINCESS NOW!!