ughh..LIKE for real??

14 Sep

Oh GOD! So I totally had to baby sit my stupid neighbor’s brat today… my Dad can be so lame and is trying to make me be “responsible”. So he  forces me to take money * woopie a huge check of 15 bucks for watching this hellion * for watching the stupidest kid to ever exist! I totally hate my Dad right now so much and yes I am using my blog to vent because well what better avenue to get it all off my sweet young chest then the blog he doesn’t  know about, to the site where my naked pictures are, that he doesn’t know about…

So what turned my little frown upside down? Well the father to the hell I call Wednesday nights is super fucking hot and I often let him know it, and in front of his wife. I started out hoping it would get me out of this LAME job but it turned into more. His wife is apparently to stupid to see I am not just being super nice, but also a huge fucking TEASE! Her husband is older, which already scores big points to me, and has salt and pepper hair like George Clooney and well built. I also found his porn magazine collection, NOT the typical Hustler and Playboy one would expect. Nope he is into teens!!! His porn was all barely legal girls like me… I sense more coming to this story LATER!

One Response to “ughh..LIKE for real??”

  1. Ian March 3, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    Mmmmm, I hope there IS more to this story later. Sounds hot and what a fantasy. I’d love to be the older man that cheats on his wife with you. Wouldn’t it just make the fucking so much better!! ;o)

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